Statistics Seminars: Spring 2021

Department of Mathematical Sciences, IUPUI

Organizer: Honglang Wang (hlwang at iupui dot edu)

Talk times: Tuesdays 12:15-1:15pm

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Date Speaker Title Note
Jan 26 Sheng Zhang Cancelled
Feb 02 Ran Mo Estimating Conditional Average Treatment Effects
Feb 09 Wenxian Zhou Semiparametric Marginal Regression for Clustered Competing Risks Data with Missing Cause of Failure PhD Student from Biostats department at IUSM
Feb 16 Pei Geng Bias-corrected estimation of functional-coefficient autoregressive models with measurement errors Assistant Professor at Illinois State University
Feb 23 Wellness Day
Mar 02 Ben Boukai On the Risk Neutral Distributions for Heston’s Stochastic Volatility Model
Mar 09 Bingxin Zhao Biobank-scale Brain Imaging Genetics: Clinical and Methodological Advances Assistang Professor from Stats department at Purdue
Mar 16 Jun Park Semiparametric Regression on Cumulative Incidence Function With Interval-Censored Competing Risks Data and Missing Event Types Merck & Co. Inc
Mar 23 Xiang Wang Empirical Likelihood for a Varying Coefficient Model With Longitudinal Data
Mar 30 Liangliang Zhang Bayesian variable selection for high dimensional data with complex structures Postdoc at University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Apr 06 Abhishek Kaul Inference on the Change Point for High Dimensional Dynamic Graphical Models Assistant Professor from Department of Math and Stats at Washington State University
Apr 13 Yishan Cui Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces for Penalized Regression: A Tutorial
Apr 20 Debolina Chatterjee Hierarchical multilinear models for multiway data
Apr 27 Jiayue Wang Explaining the Gibbs Sampler




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