Statistics Seminars: Spring 2019

Department of Mathematical Sciences, IUPUI

Organizer: Honglang Wang (hlwang at iupui dot edu)

Talk times: Tuesdays 12:15-1:15pm, LD 265

Schedule: sign up

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Date Speaker Title Note
Jan 15 Xiang Wang Generative Local Metric Learning for Kernel Regression
Jan 22 Fei Gu Modernization of Canonical Correlation Analysis Postdoc of Dr. Wei Wu from Psychology Department
Jan 29 Ruixuan Zhang Sparse regular random graphs: Spectral density and eigenvectors
Feb 05 Zhi Huang Playing around with Deep Learning in Bioinformatics domain PhD student from School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University
Feb 12 Gang Cheng A Significance Test for Graph-Constrained Estimation
Feb 19 Ziting Tang Asymptotic Behavior of M-Estimators of p Regression Parameters when p^2/n is Large. I. Consistency
Feb 26 Sheng Zhang A fast algorithm for computing the A-optimal distribution in linear regression model
Mar 05 Ruohong Li Estimation and Inference of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects using Random Forests PhD student in Biostatistics
Mar 12 Spring Break
Mar 19 Vahid Andalib Reliability and Profit Evaluation of a PLC Hot Standby System Based on a Master-Slave Concept and Two Types of Repair Facilities
Mar 26 Ruiqi Liu Linearity Detection in Partially Linear Panel Model with Fixed Effects
Apr 02 Dali Zhou FDA internship report -- About FDA, R Shiny tool development, NLP and CRMST
Apr 09 Xiang Wang Efficient Estimation of the Nonparametric Mean and Covariance Functions for Longitudinal and Sparse Functional Data
Apr 16 Debolina Chatterjee Availability of a Periodically Inspected System, Maintained Under an Imperfect-Repair Policy
Apr 23 Jingwen Yan Machine Learning in Integrating –omics for Novel Biomarker Discovery of Complex Disease Assistant Professor from Bioinformatics




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