Statistics Seminars: Fall 2019

Department of Mathematical Sciences, IUPUI

Organizer: Honglang Wang (hlwang at iupui dot edu)

Talk times: Tuesdays 12:15-1:15pm, LD 265

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Date Speaker Title Note
Aug 27 Scheduling
Sep 03 Hanxiang Peng Computing the convergence rates for the subsampling estimator in a high dimensional linear model Associate Professor of Math Department
Sep 10 Huanmei Wu Artificial Intelligent in Biomedical Informatics Chair of Department of BioHealth Informatics
Sep 17 Ruiqi Liu Statistical Inference on the Partially Linear Panel Model under Unobservable Linearity
Sep 24 Xiang Wang A review on empirical likelihood methods for regression
Oct 01 Ruiqi Liu Deep Instrument Variables Estimator
Oct 08 George Owen Mohler Point process methods for social harm modeling and intervention Associate Professor of Department of Computer & information Science
Oct 15 Ruohong Li Robust Estimation of Heterogeneous Treatment Effect in Observational Studies
Oct 22 Fall Break
Oct 29 Tian Dong Gröbner bases for vanishing ideals and multivariate interpolation Visiting Scholar
Nov 05 Debolina Chatterjee Computing Limiting Average Availability of a Repairable System through Discretization
Nov 12 Sunandan Chakraborty Recurrent Event Network: A News Event-driven Predictive Models For Forecasting Socio-economic Indicators Assistant Professor, Data Sience, Co-director of DAta To Action Lab
Nov 19 Yishan Cui Efficient semiparametric regression for longitudinal data with nonparametric covariance estimation
Nov 26 Wei Zhao Nonparametric Additive Instrumental Variable Estimator: A Group Shrinkage Estimation Perspective
Dec 03 Ran Mo Two models of double descent for weak features
Dec 10 Sheng Zhang Estimation with many instrumental variables




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