Hanxiang Peng
Associate professor
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Indiana University Indianapolis
At Indianapolis since 2008.
PhD(2001), Department of Math Sciences, Binghamton University. My dissertation advisor is Dr. Anton Schick

Office: LD 224B
402 N.Blackford St., LD270, Indianapolis, IN 46202-3216
Phone: (001)317-274-8070
Fax: (001)317-274-3460
E-mail: hanxpeng@iupui.edu

My Teaching
Courses: Stat52800 Syllabus. Stat35000 Syllabus.
Office hours: 10:30AM - 11:30AM MW, by appointment or via Zoom.

My PhD Students
Current students:
* Yuxin Dong, Ph.D. student, 2000--current
* Sheng Zhang, Ph.D. student, 2018--,
Dissertation: Sample size determination for subsampling in the analysis of big data.
Former students:
* Yu Wang, PhD(2021), IUPUI. Currently Statistician, Citi Bank, Tampa, FL.
Dissertation: Sample Size Determination In Multivariate Parameters With Applications
to Nonuniform Subsampling in Big Data High Dimensional Linear Regression.
* Haixia Li, PhD(2020), IUPUI. Mathematical Statistician, US Food and Drug Administration, Maryland.
Dissertation: Fast Computing in Single-Index Models Via A-optimal Subsampling.
* Thomas Cheung, PhD(2019), IUPUI. Principal Data Scientist, Amazon, Boston.
Dissertation: Massive Data Analysis in High Dimensional General Estimating Equations Via Optimal Subsampling.
* Ziting Tang, PhD(2019), IUPUI. Data scientist, US Food and Drug Administration, Maryland.
Dissertation: Robust Optimal Subsampling in Big Data Robust High Dimensional Linear Regression.
* Dali Zhou, PhD(2019), IUPUI. Mathematical statistician, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring, MD.
Dissertation: Optimal Subsampling For Big Data K-means Based Clustering and A-optimal Weighted Bootstrapping.
* Mingao Yuan, PhD(2018), IUPUI.
Dissertation: A-optimal Fast Computing in U-statistics.
* Xiaofeng Zhao, PhD(2018), IUPUI. Assistant Prof at HuaBei University.
Dissertation: Big Data Poisson Regression and Algorithms for Fast Matrix Multiplication Via A-optimal Subsampling.
* Lingnan Li, PhD(2016), IUPUI.
Dissertation: Maximum Empirical Likelihood Estimation In U-statistics Based General Estimating Equations.
* Shan Wang, PhD(2015), IUPUI.
Dissertation: An Easy Empirical Likelihood Approach to Improved Estimation of
Linear Functionals of A Probability Measure With Side Information
With Applications to Structural Equation Models.
* Qun Lin, PhD(2013), IUPUI.
Dissertation: A Jackknife Empirical Likelihood Estimation In U-statistics Based General Estimating Equations.
* Latonya Garner, PhD(2007), The University of Mississippi.
Dissertation: Analyzing Partially Exchangeable Binary Data.
* Stephine Keeton, PhD(2006), The University of Mississippi.
Dissertation: A Semi-parametric Exchangeable Model and Its Applications.
* Gibson Johnston, PhD(2005), The University of Mississippi.
Dissertation: An Exchangeable Negative Distribution and Its Applications.
* Jake Olivier, PhD(2003), The University Of Mississippi.
Dissertation: Home Range Techniques Utilizing Spatial Correlations.

My Research
Areas of current interests: (1) Dimension asymptotics I study the asymptotic properties
of estimators when the parameter dimension grows to infinity with the sample size.
(2) The Analysis of Biases I seek analytic formulas for parameter estimators
and their behaviors for both finite and growing sample size.
(3) Big Data Analysis: I explore big data linear/generalized linear/robust
linear regression via the nonuniform subsampling method. I seek optimal sampling
distributions by minimizing the variance-covariance matrix of the subsampling estimator.
Our focus is on statistical inference even though we also try to solve the problem
from the algorithmic perspective.
(4) Empirical Likelihood: I study empirical likelihood for constraints to use
estimated criterion functions and and for the growing number of constraints especially
for U-statistics related problems. My focus is not only testing problems but
efficient estimation with side information.

My Hobbies: I like sports. My favorite sports are running, swimming, roller-skating, and hiking.
I like to go to sea shores and clim mountains. I also play basket ball, tennis and table tennis
although I am not good at them. Hanxiang Peng, Homepage Here are some pictures (pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4) of mine.