Complex Dynamics School

Building a bridge to higher dimensions

Substantially postponed due to COVID19. New dates TBA.

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
New dates TBA


This school is primarily for the following three (overlapping) groups of people who want to learn about complex dynamics in several variables:

  1. Graduate students and postdocs,
  2. People working on complex dynamics in one variable, and
  3. People working on several complex variables non-dynamically.

Whenever possible, topics will be explained first in one-dimension and then the techniques will be extended to higher dimensions.


* To be confirmed



Travel Support

Available for US-based people from the National Science Foundation grant DMS-1348589. Priority will be to graduate students, postdocs, and other early career mathematicians. Please apply by March 31st for full consideration.

To participate, please write to indicating:
1. What days you would like to attend;
2. If you are asking for travel support.

Graduate students and postdocs, also indicate:
3. If you would like to give a learning talk on Monday and Tuesday;
4. Your advisor/mentor.

Reminder: if you are offered support and plan to fly to the meeting, you must fly on a US-based airline to be reimbursed for your flight.