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Meghan Tooman

Meghan Tooman’s interests are focused on undergraduate statistics education and statistical consulting.  She taught undergraduate statistics courses, including Stat 301 and 350, at Purdue University for five years before joining IUPUI.  She has experience in teaching various modalities including traditional in-class lectures, online, and flipped (or active learning).  She serves as course coordinator for all sections of Stat 30100 at IUPUI.


  • 2010, M.S., Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana (Field: Applied Statistics)
  • 2007, B.A., Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana (Fields: Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics / French)

Courses Taught / Teaching

  • Stat 30100 -Traditional/Online 
  • Stat 35000- Traditional 

Professional Affiliations

  • American Statistical Association