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Andrei Prokhorov



Saint-Petersburg State University, Master of Physics, 2014

Saint-Petersburg State University, Bachelor of Physics, 2012

Courses Taught / Teaching

MATH 11000 Fundamentals of Algebra,  MATH 15300 College Algebra, MATH 15400 Trigonometry, MATH 17100 Multidimensional Mathematics, MATH 51000 Vector Calculus, MATH M-118 Finite Mathematics


Mathematical Physics, Integrable Systems, Riemann-Hilbert method

Publications & Professional Activities

1) T. Bothner, A. Its, A. Prokhorov, "On the analysis of incomplete spectra in random matrix theory through an extension of the Jimbo-Miwa-Ueno differential"\, , arXiv:1708.06480v1 [math-ph] 
2) A. Its, O. Lisovyy, A. Prokhorov, "Monodromy dependence and connection formulae for isomonodromic tau functions", arXiv:1604.03082v1 [math-ph].
3) A. Its, A. Prokhorov, "Connection problem for the tau-function of the Sine-Gordon reduction of Painlev\'{e}-III equation via the Riemann-Hilbert approach" , International Mathematics Research Notices, Volume 2016, Issue 22, 1 November 2016, Pages 6856-6883; arXiv:1506.07485v4 [math-ph] 
4) A. Prokhorov, N. Filonov, "Regularity of electromagnetic fields in convex domains", Boundary-value problems of mathematical physics and related problems of function theory. Part 44, Zap. Nauchn. Sem. POMI, 425, POMI, St. Petersburg, 2014, 55-85; arXiv:1501.07081 [math-ph].

5) A. Its, A. Prokhorov, "On Some Hamiltonian Properties of the Isomonodromic Tau Functions" , Reviews in Mathematical Physics 30:7, (2018).

6) A. Prokhorov, N. Filonov, "The Maxwell operator with periodic coefficients in a cylinder" , Algebra i Analiz, 29:6 (2017), 182-196. English translation at St. Petersburg Math. J. 29 (2018), 997-1006, arXiv:1801.10440[math-ph].

Professional Affiliations

President of AMS Student Chapter at IUPUI (2017-2018) https://sites.google.com/view/ams-iupui

Honors, Awards and Grants

1) First Year Fellowship from School of Science, IUPUI, 2014

2) Outstanding Advanced Mathematics Graduate Student, IUPUI, 2016
3) Charalambos D. Aliprantis Prize, IUPUI, 2017

4) Yuri Abramovich Memorial Scholarship, IUPUI, 2018