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Kang Lu



  • Current (Since Aug. 2014), Ph.D. student, Department of Mathematical Sciences, IUPUI (Advisor: Prof. Evgeny Mukhin)
  • Jul. 2014, M.S., Department of Mathematics, Zhejiang University (Advisor: Prof. Gang Han)
  • Jul. 2010, B.S., School of Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University

Courses Taught / Teaching

Math 165, Math 110, Math 154, Math 111


Generally speaking, I am interested in Representation Theory and Quantum Algebras.

More specifically, my current research interests are: Bethe ansatz method, Representation Theory, and Integrable System.

My Research website is http://lukang.ac.cn

Publications & Professional Activities

1.       On the Gaudin model of type G2
(with E. Mukhin), Commun. Contemp. Math. (arXiv:1711.02511)

2.       Lower bounds for numbers of real self-dual spaces in problems of Schubert calculus
SIGMA 14 (2018), 046, (arXiv:1710.06534)

3.       Self-dual Grassmannian, Wronski map, and representations of gl(N)sp(2r)so(2r+1)
(with E. Mukhin, A. Varchenko), Pure Appl. Math. Q. 13 no.2 (2017), a special issue of in honor of Yuri Manin's 80-th birthday, (arXiv:1705.02048)

4.       Multiplicity free gradings on semisimple Lie and Jordan algebras and skew root systems
(with Gang Han, Yucheng Liu), 12 Nov. 2016, (arXiv:1611.03943)

5.       On the Gaudin model associated to Lie algebras of classical types
(with E. Mukhin, A. Varchenko), J. Math. Phys. 57, 101703 (2016) (arXiv:1512.08524)

6.       Fine gradings of complex simple Lie algebras and Finite Root Systems
(with Gang Han, Jun Yu), 29 Oct. 2014. (arXiv:1410.7945)

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