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Mathematics Geraldine and David Rigdon RISE Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Dr. Robert D. Rigdon, a dedicated emeritus faculty member of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, to honor the memory of his parents, Geraldine and David Rigdon.
  • Award Amount: The number of individual scholarships and dollar amount may vary from year to year.
  • Application Deadline: December, 31, 2019
  • Contact: Department of Mathematical Sciences, mathinfo@iupui.edu, (317) 274-6918

This award supports undergraduate science majors, with a preference for students with a major in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, who have integrated one of the four IUPUI RISE initiatives into their studies: Research, International, Service Learning and Experiential Learning.

Researcher uses mathematics to answer questions about the brain

Leonid Rubchinsky, Ph.D. Associate Professor