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Research centers & facilities

Research centers enable faculty and their student teams to engage in ongoing interdisciplinary projects, funded in part by federal grants and foundation support.

Institute for Mathematical Modeling and Computational Science

The School of Science Institute for Mathematical Modeling and Computational Science (iM2CS) is a cross-departmental school-level unit which promotes interdisciplinary research and educational activities, integrating mathematical and computational approaches to address problems arising in various areas of science, engineering and medicine.

Visit the Institute for Mathematical Modeling and Computational Science for more information.

Acting Directors:

Statistics Consulting Center

The Department of Mathematical Sciences has a long history of training applied statisticians. Currently, the department offers a MS degree in Applied Statistics, a PhD in Mathematical Statistics, and a PhD in Biostatistics. The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) exists as a unit within the Department of Mathematical Science and provides a separate but symbiotic environment towards statistical consulting.

SCC provides support to IUPUI researchers and other non-university clients for statistics and

  • Grant Writing Support for Statistical Analysis
  • Power Analysis & Sample Size Determination
  • Experiment & Survey Design
  • Preparation of Proposals
  • Data Management
  • Statistical Data Mining
  • Data Modeling & Analysis
  • Interpretation of Results
  • Preparation of Reports
  • Statistical Software Support
  • Long-Term Collaborative Work
  • Educational Outreach

Learn more at the SCC website.

Researcher uses mathematics to answer questions about the brain

Leonid Rubchinsky, Ph.D. Associate Professor
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