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Facts & Stats

Department Awards & Honors

Anna K. Suter Scholarships

Professor Anna K. Suter was an advocate for students. She applauded academic success and encouraged many to pursue their degree objectives. Upon her death in 1982, a scholarship was established in her memory.  Recipients must be incoming or full-time students with an undergraduate major in mathematics and are chosen based on academic achievement and professional objectives.  By naming the Department of Mathematical Sciences in her will, Professor Suter ensured that the next generation of mathematicians would be recognized for their achievements.

Award amount:  up to $3,000

Charalambos D. Aliprantis Prize

This award was established by Dr. Bart Ng, Acting Dean and Professor Emeritus of the School of Science, to honor the memory of Professor Charalambos D. "Roko" Aliprantis and his contributions to the development of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at IUPUI.  Dr. Aliprantis was a dedicated faculty member from 1974 through 1996 and contributed greatly to interdisciplinary research in mathematics.  This scholarship is awarded to mathematics graduate students who exhibit outstanding scholastic achievements as well as leadership qualities.

Award amount:  up to $800

Chancellor's Scholar Award

This award is granted on behalf of Charles R. Bantz, the Chancellor of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.  It recognizes outstanding performance by students who have achieved the highest cumulative grade point average as determined by their School.  Each year this distinguished award is only conferred upon twenty-five students campus-wide. 

2015 recipient for the School of Science:  Ahmad B. Barhoumi

Frank G. and Ernestine M. Lambertus Scholarship (School of Science)

In 1990, Mrs. Ernestine Lambertus established an endowed scholarship in honor of her husband, Frank, who was an advisor to the dean. This scholarship is awarded to a student who shows significant academic improvement over the previous year.

2015 winner: Imaani I.-N. Washington (Biology)

Math Major Spirit Award

This award is given to a math major who demonstrates strength and determination in pursuit of his or her degree. It is designed to recognize students who have persevered through difficult circumstances, have gone above and beyond in service to the university or department, or been an otherwise outstanding contributor to the learning community at IUPUI.

2015 winner: Stacey Abshire

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

2015 Advanced Student: Samuel Roth, Mathematics | Jian (Joyce) Zhan, Biostatistics
2015 Beginning Students: Kang Lu, Mathematics| Chenghao Chu, Biostatistics
2015 Graduating Masters in Statistics: Dongling Fei, Statistics
2015 Student Teaching: Sumedha Rathnayake

Outstanding Math Assistance Center Mentor and Tutor Award

2015 winner: Parker Leisure

Outstanding Math Assistance Center Tutor Award

2015 winner: Matthew Vanderpohl

Outstanding Seniors

2015 Actuarial Science Major winners: Frances Akalusi
2015 Applied Math Major winner: Travis Asher
2015 Math Education Major winner: Andra Edgell
2015 Pure Math Major winner: Ahmad Barhoumi | Joel Zirkle

Yuri Abramovich Memorial Scholarship

Established by the family and friends of Dr. Yuri Abramovich, this scholarship commemorates Dr. Abramovich's legacy as a colleague, mathematician and educator.  This scholarship supports continuing undergraduate and graduate students who have a keen interest in the study of mathematics, who demonstrate academic excellence, especially in mathematics courses beyond the sophomore level and who show promise for a career in mathematics.


Award amount:  up to $2,500

Teaching Assistant Award

This award honors a teaching assistant for outstanding teaching, demonstrating superior ability to impart knowledge to students and stimulating their desire to master these topics:  Sumedha H. Rathnayake

Faculty & Staff Awards


2015 Bernie Morrel Teaching Award

Full-time faculty: Daniel Ramras | Part-time faculty:  Kenda Hamersley


2015 Associate Faculty Award

This award is in recognition of outstanding contributions in the area of teaching by an associate faculty member:  Dennis J. Eckert

2015 Trustee Teaching Awards

This award honors individuals who have a positive impact on learning through the direct instruction of students, especially undergraduates: Julia C. Arciero | Nancy A. Kitt


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