Modern Analysis &
Geometry Seminar

IUPUI Mathematical Sciences

The organizers are Olguta Buse and Dan Ramras.

Feb. 12
3:15-4:15 in LD 027 (Note room change)
Ellen Weld (Purdue, West Lafayette)
Connectivity of Bieberbach Group C*-algebras
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Mar. 5
9:30-10:30am, LD 265
Joint with the Geometry Seminar
Jun Li (U. Michigan)
The symplectomorphism groups of rational 4-manifolds
Mar. 28
3:15-4:15 (Note: Thursday talk)
Bernardo Villarreal (UNAM, Mexico City)
Affine commutativity
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April 9
Jake Desmond (Purdue, West Lafayette)
Extensions of Quasidagonal C*-algebras
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April 23
3:15-4:15 in LD 030 (Note room change)
Chris Neuffer (IUPUI)
Cohomology of semi-direct product groups
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