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Computer science faculty member nominated for Tech Educator of the Year

Jobs of the Future: Top Five Emerging Careers

Follow the link below to read the New Straits Times article about the top five emerging careers in computer science by Zulita Mustafa.

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  • Automated Management of Bug Reports

  • Insider cyberthreats in government agencies hit all-time high, report says

    Follow the link below to read the TechRepublic article on insider cyberthreats written by Macy Bayern March 5, 2019

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  • Toward Fluent Collaboration in Human-Robot Teams

  • Improving Security and Reliability of Composite Systems

  • Traceability Queries and Strategies for Requirements Engineers

  • Detecting Human Behavior from Longitudinal Data Streams

  • Enhancing Crowd Sourcing with Game Theory

  • Application of Adaptive Techniques in Regression Testing for Modern Software Development

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