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Welcome to the Math advisor portal

Math advisor portal

Below is information for academic advisors and faculty to advise students regarding math requirements.

This page is not meant for students but is merely a resource for advisors. As always, you are welcome to contact the Math Department (317-274-6918) for any questions.

Advisor Portal

The purpose of this website is to provide academic and faculty advisors with information needed to advise students regarding math requirements. This website is not meant for students but is merely a resource for advisors.

As always, you are welcome to contact the Math Department (317-274-6918) for any questions.

Forms & Resources

  • Course Authorization Form: For use by advisors to request math course permission for a student.
  • Math Proficiency/Credit By Exam
  • Math Course Transfer Evaluation 
  • MATH Dept. Equivalency Chart
  • Information on Adult Basic Education


Current Math Placement Test Resources

Former Math Placement Test Resources


Math department policy on prerequisite checks

Since Fall 1998, the Department of Mathematical Sciences, together with the Office of the Registrar, has implemented a system for prerequisite checks on all students registering for first and second year math (and stat) courses: MATH 00100, 11000, 11100, 13000, 13100, 13200, 13600, 15300, 15400, 15900, 16500, 16600, 17100, 22100, 22200, 23100, 23200 and MATH M118 and M119.  The purpose of this system is to help insure correct student placement. According to this system, a student registering for any of the mathematics courses listed above, must satisfy either of the following conditions:

  • Successfully completed the prerequisite course within the past two years with a minimal grade as indicated on the Math Notice chart, or
  • Directly placed in the course based on the results of the ALEKS Mathematics Placement Test taken within the past year (see Math Placement Chart).

Students who plan to register for any of the courses listed above but do NOT meet either of these conditions will be barred by the system from automatically registering unless there is intervention by the student's unit/school counselor, advisor, or by the Math Department. Students currently enrolled in a prerequisite course will be able to register for the subsequent course, but their final grade on the prerequisite course will be expected to satisfy the minimal grade required. If the student does not meet the minimal grade required, s/he will be asked to retake the prerequisite course.

Math course authorization guidelines

If you wish to request math course permission for a student, we ask that you complete the Math Authorization form.
This form is to be used by ADVISORS ONLY when a student is blocked from registering for a math course and the advisor considers the student capable of successfully completing the course.
Please be sure to complete the entire form (especially the "Reason(s) for removing registration block") and include your name and contact information so that you may be reached if there are any questions/concerns about your request.

Some common reasons for submitting a math authorization request:

  • Student transferred in the prerequisite (system does not always recognize transfer courses)
  • Placement test score not loaded into SIS from ALEKS
  • Student is retaking the course (as long as the prerequisite was successfully completed within the past two years or a placement test was taken within the past year, permission may be granted)
  • Student is currently in the prerequisite course but wants to register for the next semester (many times, students can enroll the following semester, but if they are enrolled Spring and trying to enroll in SSII or Fall, they may experience registration difficulty)

Authorizations for students who have not successfully completed the math prerequisite course in the last 2 years and/or have not completed a math placement test in the last year will likely NOT receive permission for a math course. See the math department policy on prerequisite checks.

Authorizations are typically completed within one business day. If an authorization request is sent on Friday, it will be completed by Monday if approved.

Math authorization form

If you wish to request math course permission for a student, we ask that you complete the Math Authorization form.

See math authorization form

Policy on retesting

Math Placement Test

If it has been more than two years since a student has taken a college-level math course or if a student has never taken a college-level math course, the student should take the math placement test. Students who took courses in high school that provided college credit (dual credit courses) will also be required to take the math placement test. Based on the math placement results, the student may have to take prerequisite courses.

Placement Retest Option

Students are able to retest up to 4 times with the ALEKS Math Placement Test. Students testing into low levels of math should be encouraged to review and practice the learning modules provided through ALEKS before retesting. 

If a current student who has enrolled in mathematics courses at IUPUI wishes to retest, s/he should be directed to take the math proficiency exam. The ALEKS Math Placement Test is only meant for students who have not yet completed any mathematics courses at IUPUI. 

Proficiency/Credit by Exam Option

If a student feels that s/he has not been placed appropriately, s/he may take the Math Proficiency Exam. 

  • Proficiency/Credit By Exam Information for Students

Course information

Math course descriptions and course materials for introductory courses may be found in the COURSES section of the math department website. The courses below are common courses we receive questions about from students and advisors:

MATH 11000 and MATH 11100 Course Descriptions:
Both MATH 11000 (4 credits) and MATH 11100 (4 credits) are intermediate algebra courses (second year high school algebra), but they are designed for different audiences.

The focus of MATH 11000 will be to prepare liberal arts and business majors in intermediate algebra (second year high school algebra) for success in MATH M118, M119, and STAT 30100. 

The focus of MATH 11100 will be to prepare science, engineering, and technology majors in intermediate algebra (second year high school algebra) for success in MATH 15300 and 15400 or 15900.

Although the content of the two courses will be very similar, the most significant difference will be in the rigor and the level of mastery required for passing the course.

A student who successfully completes MATH 11100 will be prepared for MATH M118, M119, and STAT 30100, in addition to MATH 15300 and 15400. 

The Math Department is encouraging advisors to make students aware of the differences between these two courses by disseminating the flow chart (found in "Resources" below) to students before the first day of class. 

MATH 15300, 15400 and MATH 15900 Course Descriptions: 
MATH 15300 is a third year college algebra and trigonometry course (pre-calculus). MATH 15400 is a continuation of this course. 

MATH 15900 combines these two courses into a one-semester course.  MATH 15900 is best suited for students who have already learned this material successfully and simply need to review it.

Both the MATH 15300-15400 course sequence and MATH 15900 prepare students for the calculus courses MATH 22100, 23100, or 16500.  

Students should take MATH 15300 or MATH 15900 only if they placed into the course via the math placement test within the past year or if they successfully completed MATH 11100 in the past two years. Please note that students who take MATH 11100 and wish to take MATH 15900 must receive a "B" or above in MATH 11100.

See course request form

Drop-back policy

Every semester there are students who find they have enrolled in inappropriate math classes and need to "drop-back".  Students who need to make adjustments to their schedules are encouraged to do so as early as possible in the semester and no later than the end of week 4 of classes.

After the start of classes, students are typically charged a late transaction fee for adjusting their schedule.  The Math Department has an agreement with the Bursar's Office to waive the late transaction fee when the student drops one math course and adds another one.  When the student completes the paper drop/add form (with appropriate signatures), the completed paper drop/add form is taken to the Math Department for approval then it is the student's responsibility to take the form to the Registrar's Office.

** Please note that simply changing sections does NOT qualify as moving from one math course to a different math course, and students will be charged a (nominal) transaction fee for doing so. Students wishing to switch sections only are recommended to complete an electronic drop/add form and submit it to the Registrar's Office with appropriate approval.  

Ivy Tech course information

For any student placing into MATH 015 Fundamentals of Algebra I at Ivy Tech, please have them complete the Ivy Tech Guest Student Application and follow the appropriate Student Guide for information on enrolling in a math course at Ivy Tech:

For students who test into MATH 015 at Ivy Tech, there are a few options for them regarding their curriculum options. These options can be reviewed on the Advisor Cheat Sheet for MATH 015 progress. 

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