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Colloquium-Nabendu Pal

Speaker: Nabendu Pal, University of Louisiana at Lafayette Location: LD 229

Inferences under a Skew-Normal Distribution


A three-parameter Skew-Normal Distribution (SND) is becoming more popular than the usual two-parameter normal distribution due to its flexibility to accommodate skewed data. However, there are many theoretical as well as computational challenges in order to deal with the SND model, especially when all parameters are unknown. Starting from the pioneering work of Azzalini (1985), the literature has witnessed a good amount of research on SND over the last three decades. Nonetheless, progress has been mostly on various characterizations or asymptotic properties of the distribution, and relatively less on inferential aspects, particularly for small samples. In this talk, we will see some interesting properties of SND, and deal with some inferential problems. This talk aims to motivate graduate students with some "long-hanging research fruits."


Nabendu Pal is a Professor of Statistics in the Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL), where he has been a faculty since Fall 1989. Prior to joining ULL, Prof. Pal earned his Bachelor of Statistics (B. Stat) as well as Master of Statistics (M. Stat) degrees from the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta (Kolkata), back in 1984 and 1986, respectively, followed by his PhD in Statistics in 1989 from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). Professor Pal's research areas include Decision Theory, Bayesian Analysis, Biostatistics, and Reliability & Life Testing. Lately he is getting more involved in Computational Statistics and Data Sciences. He is a frequent visitor to other universities as well, especially in India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan, where he conducts workshops, supervises doctoral students, and/or teaches short courses regularly. Apart from Mathematical Sciences, his varied interests include Economics, History, Geography, International Relations and Current Politics. He loves to debate on contemporary issues, and strongly believes that "Democracy Dies When Debate Ends."

Hosted by: Jyoti Sarkar

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