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Colloquium-Michael Larsen

Speaker: Michael Larsen, IU Bloomington Location: LD 229

Waring's problem for finite simple groups


I will discuss recent progress and open questions related to problems of which these are typical: If n>0 is fixed, is every element in a sufficiently large finite simple group a product of two nth powers? Can most elements be represented in the form x^n y^n for approximately |G| different ordered pairs (x,y)?


Michael Larsen is a Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at IU Bloomington. He was a two time Putnam Fellow at Harvard before receiving his Ph.D. from Princeton under Gerd Faltings. The breadth of his work is suggested by the citation of the AMS on his becoming an AMS Fellow for his "contributions to group theory, number theory, topology, and algebraic geometry."

Hosted by: Prof. Will Geller 

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