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Colloquium-Artem Pulemotov

Speaker: Artem Pulemotov, University of Queensland Location: LD 229

The prescribed Ricci curvature problem on homogeneous spaces

ABSTRACT: We will discuss the problem of recovering the “shape” of a Riemannian manifold M from its Ricci curvature. After reviewing the relevant background and the history of the subject, we will focus on the case where M is a homogeneous space for a compact Lie group.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Artem Pulemotov is a professor from the University of Queensland, located in Brisbane, Australia. He specializes in geometric analysis and more particularly in Ricci Flow and in problems of Prescribed Ricci Curvature. Pulemotov received his Ph.D. from Cornell University in 2009 under the direction of Leonard Gross. This was followed by a L.E. Dickson Instructorship at the University of Chicago, before moving to the University of Queensland. 

Hosted by: Prof. R. Roeder