Math Course Transfer Evaluation

For transfer course evaluations, please submit a Transfer Course Evaluation Request for each course along with a course syllabus so that our faculty may review the course to determine its equivalence.


A transfer course is listed as "undistributed" on my IUPUI transcript. What does this mean and how can I have it distributed?

An undistributed course is a course that has not been matched to a specific IUPUI course. You should first obtain the description and syllabus for the course you took. The more information you have, the easier this process will be. Contact the IUPUI department in which you think the equivalent course resides. Most likely you will need to bring the course information directly to that department for evaluation.

I am an Ivy Tech student intending to transfer to IUPUI as a math major. Which courses should I take at Ivy Tech that will transfer to IUPUI?

If you are an Ivy Tech student wishing to transfer to IUPUI as a math major, it is very important to continually check in with an IUPUI math academic advisor so that you can ensure you are taking appropriate courses for your degree program. When you are working with your academic advisor at Ivy Tech, inform her/him that you intend to eventually transfer to IUPUI as a math major so that s/he is aware of your situation.

Before contacting an IUPUI academic advisor, please review necessary resources so that you are well informed before meeting with an IUPUI academic advisor. You can review B.S. math program and select your program of choice (math education, actuarial science, pure math, applied math). Then review the "Checksheet" for that specific program to determine the courses required for your degree.

After reviewing the program and course requirements listed on the checksheet, set up an appointment with an advisor by calling the Math Department at 317-274-6918.