Proficiency/Credit By Exam

Students who wish to "test out" of a math course are able to take a proficiency test or credit by exam in order to place into a higher level of math and/or gain credit for a course without taking it.

The Math Department offers exams for the following math courses:

  • MATH 11000
  • MATH 11100
  • MATH M118
  • MATH M119
  • MATH 15300
  • MATH 15400
  • MATH 15900
  • MATH 16500
  • MATH 16600
  • MATH 22100
  • MATH 22200
  • STAT 30100

Who can take this exam?

Students must have a valid reason to take this exam. Some valid reasons include the following:

  • Student successfully completed a similar but not equivalent math course.
  • Student successfully completed the course but it has been over two years.
  • Student struggles with electronic test taking, but does well when s/he is evaluated based on the work completed, rather than just the final solution.
  • Student successfully completed higher level courses previously but tested low on the math placement test.

What is the difference between "Credit by Examination" and "Proficiency Examination"? 

The two examinations are essentially the same test. The difference is that students may earn credit with the "Credit by Examination." The "Proficiency Examination" is merely taken to validate knowledge of course content when no credit is needed. 

Test Preparation

The examination is a 2-hour, paper-pencil test taken in the Math Department (LD 270) and is similar to the final exam of the course. Prior to registering for an exam, it is VERY important that you prepare as you are only able to take this exam ONE time. Please check out the COURSES section of the math website. There you can browse math courses and locate the appropriate course that you intend to "test out" of. Click on the course number and there you will find course documents for review. We also keep all math text books on reserve at the University Library, so you are encouraged to look there for additional review. Please use these resources to decide whether or not you are prepared to take the test.

Test Options & Scheduling

If you feel confident about being tested over the course material after your review, you are welcome to read the exam request form and submit it to the math office in LD 270 in person.

If you wish to email the registration form, send it to, and then immediatley call the Math Department at 317-274-6918 to finalize your registration by setting up your test date and time.

See the Special Credit/Credit by Examination section of the Registrar's website for information on associated tuition and fees. If you are not interested in receiving credit for the exam, please check "Proficiency" on the registration form.

Test Results

A score of 70% or higher must be achieved for proficiency or credit.

Students will receive an email sent to their official university email account with the result of their exam, approximately 2 business days after the exam has been administered.

Upon passing the exam, the Math Department will forward the necessary paperwork to the Registrar’s office (if credit by exam), and special credit will be awarded on the student’s transcript.