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Math Placement Test

Prep Materials 

The math placement test can only be taken once. After you complete the math placement test, your results will be reviewed by your academic advisor who will use the math placement test results in order to place you at the appropriate math level. If you do not prepare for the math placement test or take it seriously, you could be placed into a level below your actual math ability. This can put you behind in your progress towards completion of your program. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you prepare for the math placement test.

IUPUI requires COMPASS Mathematics testing, which is generated by ACT. To review sample problems, visit COMPASS Math Test and click on the link for Sample Math Test Questions. You will notice there are two links: Sample Math Test Questions: Numerical Skills/Pre-Algebra and Algebra and Sample Math Test Questions: College Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. We suggest that you first review the Numerical Skills/Pre-Algebra and Algebra. Then, once you feel comfortable with that material, you may move on to the College Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. The COMPASS Mathematics Test is an adaptive test and is unique for each student.

Students may also review Algebra I, Algebra II, and Pre-calculus material in a high school or college math book. Students are only expected to review material that they have already learned in high school or college. We keep math books on reserve in the University Library that students are welcome to use.

Schedule Placement Exam

If you have never completed a math course in college, or if it has been more than two years since you successfully completed a college math course, you will need to take the math placement test. The result of the placement test will help ensure that you register for the appropriate math course, one for which you have the appropriate math background and are ready to succeed in.

  • New Students: If you are a student NEW to IUPUI and are required to participate in orientation, you will schedule your math placement test through the Orientation Services online reservation system.
  • Current Students and Visiting Students:  Please call the Testing Center directly at 317-274-2620. The Testing Center also accepts walk-ins during non-peak times. Visit the Testing Center for their current schedule. For other questions, call the math department at 317-274-6918.

Test Results

If you are a new student, you will be informed of your math placement test results at orientation. If you take the math placement test after orientation, you will need to contact your academic advisor in order to know which math course you are prepared to take.

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