BS Mathematics: Education (Secondary School Teaching) Concentration

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students in labStudents who complete this program have all of the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career as a middle school or high school mathematics teacher. After passing the professional exams offered by the state, they will be fully certified to teach. Mathematics teachers are in great demand nationwide. Students earning their teaching certification in mathematics can easily find jobs almost anywhere in the country, and experienced math teachers make more than many people think. The national average salary for math teachers is between $54,330-$55,990.

Requirements & Course of Study

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at IUPUI offers the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Mathematics from Purdue University, with a concentration in Mathematics Education. A total of 120 credit hours is required to complete the degree. General requirements include courses in Core Communication, Analytical Reasoning, Cultural Understanding, Life and Physical Sciences, Arts and Humanities, and Social Sciences.  The department also requires students to choose a secondary area of concentration outside of the department; this secondary area of concentration is fulfilled with the education requirements.  A minimum grade point average of 2.5 is required in all mathematics courses that count toward the major.

Requirements vary depending on a student's date of enrollment. Details of all undergraduate degree requirements can be found in the IUPUI Bulletin.

Students enrolling in the School of Science in or after August 2012:
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Capstone Experience

Students are expected to apply what they’ve learned in a capstone experience. Students in the math teaching program will satisfy this requirement through their student-teaching experience.

Certificate in Mathematics Education

In addition to being accepted into the School of Science as mathematics majors, students in this option must also apply to the School of Education for the Teacher Education portion of the program, usually during the second year. Before a student can apply to the education phase of the program, he or she should complete several core math courses, take the Educational Foundations course (Educ H341) and take the PPST (Praxis I) exam. See Testing and Praxis information on the School of Education website for answers to frequently asked questions.

Once accepted into the education phase of the program, the student will continue to take math courses and general requirements and will also complete several blocks of education coursework. The education blocks include classes and field experiences in middle and high schools.