Math Department Policy on Retesting

Math Placement Test

If it has been more than two years since a student has taken a college-level math course or if a student has never taken a college-level math course, the student should take the math placement test. Students who took courses in high school that provided college credit (dual credit courses) will also be required to take the math placement test. Based on the math placement results, the student may have to take prerequisite courses.

Placement Retest Option

Students are able to retest up to 4 times with the ALEKS Math Placement Test. Students testing into low levels of math should be encouraged to review and practice the learning modules provided through ALEKS before retesting. 

If a current student who has enrolled in mathematics courses at IUPUI wishes to retest, s/he should be directed to take the math proficiency exam. The ALEKS Math Placement Test is only meant for students who have not yet completed any mathematics courses at IUPUI. 

Proficiency/Credit by Exam Option

If a student feels that s/he has not been placed appropriately, s/he may take the Math Proficiency Exam.