Math Department Drop-back Policy

Every semester there are students who find they have enrolled in inappropriate math classes and need to "drop-back" or "move up." Students who need to make adjustments to their schedules are encouraged to do so as early as possible in the semester.

After the start of classes, students are typically charged a late transaction fee for adjusting their schedule and also typically lose tuition on a dropped course after the 100% refund period. However, the Math Department has an agreement with the Bursar's Office to waive the late transaction fee and loss of tuition on the dropped course when the student drops one math course and adds another one, only if the student completes the paper drop/add form (with appropriate signatures) before the end of the partial refund period and if the completed paper drop/add form is taken to the Math Department by the designated deadline provided in an email at the start of the semester.

** Please note that simply changing sections does NOT qualify as moving from one math course to a different math course, and students will be charged a (nominal) transaction fee for doing so. Students wishing to switch sections only are recommended to complete a paper drop/add form and submit it to the Registrar's Office with appropriate signatures to avoid losing full or partial tuition for the dropped course. Note that at some point BEFORE the end of the partial refund period the course coordinator may decide that students should no longer be allowed to add. Therefore, there is no guarantee that a student will be able to "drop-back" or "move up" during the partial refund period. **

After the partial refund period, a drop-back will result in the student being charged full tuition for the added course (in addition to the already paid tuition on the dropped course), plus the late transaction fee. Important dates for the refund periods can be found at: