Math Course Information

Math course descriptions and course materials for introductory courses may be found in the COURSES section of the math department website. The courses below are common courses we receive questions about from students and advisors:

MATH 11000 and MATH 11100 Course Descriptions: THIS SECTION HAS NOT YET BEEN UPDATED FOR FALL 2015
Both MATH 11000 (4 credits) and MATH 11100 (4 credits) are intermediate algebra courses (second year high school algebra), but they are designed for different audiences.

The focus of MATH 11000 will be to prepare liberal arts and business majors in intermediate algebra (second year high school algebra) for success in MATH M118, M119, and STAT 30100. 

The focus of MATH 11100 will be to prepare science, engineering, and technology majors in intermediate algebra (second year high school algebra) for success in MATH 15300 and 15400 or 15900.

Although the content of the two courses will be very similar, the most significant difference will be in the rigor and the level of mastery required for passing the course.

A student who successfully completes MATH 11100 will be prepared for MATH M118, M119, and STAT 30100, in addition to MATH 15300 and 15400.  However, a student who successfully completes MATH 11000 may not be well-prepared to move to MATH 15300 and should proceed with great caution. Only students who receive an “A” in MATH 11000 will be permitted to move onto MATH 15300.  

The Math Department is encouraging advisors to make students aware of the differences between these two courses by disseminating the flow chart (found in “Resources” below) to students before the first day of class.

MATH 15300, 15400 and MATH 15900 Course Descriptions: 
MATH 15300 is a third year college algebra and trigonometry course (pre-calculus). MATH 15400 is a continuation of this course. 

MATH 15900 combines these two courses into a one-semester course.  MATH 15900 is best suited for students who have already learned this material successfully and simply need to review it.

Both the MATH 15300-15400 course sequence and MATH 15900 prepare students for the calculus courses MATH 22100, 23100, or 16500.  

Students should take MATH 15300 or MATH 15900 only if they placed into the course via the math placement test within the past year or if they successfully completed MATH 11100 in the past two years. Please note that students who take MATH 11100 and wish to take MATH 15900 must receive a “B” or above in MATH 11100.