Maxim L. Yattselev

Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences


2007 PhD (Mathematics), Vanderbilt University

Current Research

Prof. Yattselev's current research interests are concentrated in the following directions: (a) asymptotic analysis of meromorphic approximants to holomorphic functions; (b) asymptotic analysis of orthogonal polynomials; (c) asymptotic analysis of the correlation functions of random polynomials.

Select Publications

Root statistics of random polynomials with bounded Mahler measure (with C.D. Sinclair) Adv. Math., 272, 124—199, 2015

Padé approximants for functions with branch points — strong asymptotics of Nuttall–Stahl polynomials (with A.I. Aptekarev) Acta Math., 215(2), 217—280, 2015

Nuttall's theorem with analytic weights on algebraic S–contoursJ. Approx. Theory, 190, 73—90, 2015

Weighted extremal domains and best rational approximation (with L. Baratchart and H. Stahl) Adv. Math. 229, 357—407, 2012

Convergent interpolation to Cauchy integrals over analytic arcs with Jacobi–type weights (with L. Baratchart) Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN 2010, Art. ID rnq 026, pp. 65

On uniform approximation of rational perturbations of Cauchy integralsComput. Methods Funct. Theory, 10(1), 1—33, 2010

Convergent interpolation to Cauchy integrals over analytic arcs (with L. Baratchart) Found. Comput. Math. 9(6), 675—715, 2009