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Success Guide & Beginning Math Brochures

Success Guides are available for students in developmental and introductory courses. If you want to distribute them in your class, these are available in LD 270. Please help yourself!

Math Department Testing Center

Beginning Monday, October 26, the Math Department Testing Center is located in LD 265.  Days and times are:

Monday:  9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Thursday: 10:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Please read the Department of Mathematical Sciences Testing Center policy below. As outlined, the Instructor is responsible for submitting each make-up exam along with the top portion of the Testing Center Appointment form to the Department front office (LD 270) at least 24 hours in advance of the time the test is to be taken. If these two items are not submitted, the student may be referred back to the Instructor. If no time limit is specified for an exam, the student will be allowed one hour and 15 minutes.

Questions regarding the Testing Center should be directed to Dr. Jeff Watt (317-274-4070).

NOTE: Without the written approval of the Executive Committee, our Commons Room, Front Office, and Faculty offices (unoccupied or not in use) cannot be used for any make-up exams.

The Department has adopted the following policy for the use of the Testing Center. The policy applies to ALL instructors using the Testing Center without exception. This policy is absolutely necessary, as the demand for using the Testing Center grows with each semester and space is limited. In this way, we will be able to improve our services and assure a smooth and safeguarded system for proctoring make-up exams.

Math Department Testing Center Policy:

Download the Math Testing Center Policy

Download the Fall 2016 Math Testing Center Appointment Form

The instructor will give the student the bottom half of the Testing Center Appointment Form as a reminder of the date, start time, and location of the make-up exam. The student is required to bring a photo ID (e.g. JagTag University ID, Driver's License) in order for the student to take an exam. Make-up exams should be scheduled prior to the last week of the semester. Additional Testing Center Appointment Forms are available in the front office.

  • Make-up exams will be offered only on the days, start times, and location(s) listed in the Make-up Exam Testing Schedule (see above).
  • Testing Center Appointment forms must be submitted via email ( or to the Department Office (LD 270) at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled testing date/time.
  • No walk-ins will be accepted. Last minute testing requests will be rescheduled for the next available testing date/time per the schedule below.
  • The Department Receipt (top half of form) must be completed, attached to the test to be given, and submitted to either the Math Testing Center email address ( or the Department Office (LD 270).
  • Test and completed Department Receipt (top half of form) may be emailed directly to Javad Momayez, Testing Center Administrator, at, dropped off in the Department Office (LD 270) or may be dropped off to Javad Momayez (UC B001) during Testing Center hours, see above.
  • All exams will start promptly at the time listed on the Make-up Exam Testing Schedule. No exceptions. Student must arrive promptly at scheduled testing time to ensure test is taken within the allotted time allowed. If student is late, he/she will be directed to the Instructor to reschedule exam to the next available date/time.
  • Exams will be proctored by Javad Momayez (or back-up staff member as needed) to ensure the utmost quality, structure, testing environment, security of personal items, and tracking of testing data that meets Department standards.
  • The Testing Center Staff have been instructed not to admit a student to take a test at a date other than the specified date on the card. If the student misses that test, it will be the instructor's responsibility to handle the rescheduling of the test.
  • The Testing Center Staff have been instructed not to admit a student to take a test at a date other than the specified date on the Testing Center Appointment Form provided by the Instructor (top portion). If the student misses that test, it will be the instructor's responsibility to handle the rescheduling of the test.
  • The test must be emailed to or left in the folder labeled "Testing Center Make-Up Tests" in the front office by 5:00 p.m. the day before the test is to be taken. We ask that you do not put Javad Momayez or the staff in the position of having to make excuses if a test has not been left by the Instructor for the student. Rather, the student will be told to contact the Instructor.
  • Instructors should inform students that they are required to bring an official Photo ID (ex. JagTag, Drivers' License) at time of test. No test will be administered without proper identification.
  • No food, drink, or children will be allowed in the Testing Center. There are no facilities to accommodate children, and the Department members are not allowed to oversee them due to liability reasons.

Adaptive Educational Services (274-3241)

Adaptive Educational Services (AES) assists students with disabilities in achieving their educational goals through such services as note taking, interpreting, and reading. AES informs faculty members of documented students with disabilities and administers quizzes and exam for those students. AES requires the student to furnish forms for the signature of the instructor. On these forms the instructors can specify quiz/exam timing and delivery policies. Please help identify those students in your classes who may need help and advise us of any problems. AES students often take quizzes/exams outside class time which are administered by AES staff members. Please deliver any quiz/exam for an AES student to the Department of Mathematical Sciences' front office by 3:00 pm the day before the exam is to be taken. AES will return the exam to the Department's front office the same day, if possible, or the following day, if the test was taken late in the day or in the evening. Once the test has been returned to the office, it will be placed in your mailbox. Please address any problems or concerns related to AES to Dr. Jeff Watt (317-274-4070).

Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC)

The IUPUI Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC) is located in UC B001, in the basement of Taylor Hall / University College building. The MAC is open seven days a week, offering 60+ hours of peer-to-peer tutoring, mentoring, and online tutoring services. Tutoring and mentoring for all IUPUI mathematics courses through 26600 is available during the MAC operational hours. The schedules for these and other programs, resources, and services can be found at the interactive MAC home page. Instructors are encouraged to utilize the MAC to hold office hours, run exam study sessions, and also as a means to collaborate and support struggling students. For more information please contact the MAC front desk at 317-274-7898 or the Director of the MAC, Dr. Kevin Berkopes at 317-274-3286.