Services for Instructors

Office Space

Part-time Instructors may request office space by emailing Cindy Ritchie ( Part-time Instructors will be placed in Taylor Hall (UC B02D) unless there are space/scheduling conflicts. Graduate Students may be assigned to either Taylor Hall (UC B02D), MAC (UC B01), or Math/Statistics Computer Lab (UL 2135). Office space will be assigned based upon availability.

  • Taylor Hall (UC B02D) is equipped with computers, a telephone (278-6533), and connection to the copier/printer.
  • MAC (UC B01) and Math/Statistics Computer Lab (UL 2135) are equipped with computers and connection to the copier or printer.

Textbooks and Supplies

Desk copies of required textbooks are available through the office for your use each semester. These can be obtained from the front office staff. If a desk copy needs to be ordered, please contact the Office Manager, Cindy Ritchie, at either, 317-274-6920, or in-person in room LD 270P. Due to the limited number of desk copies, please return your copy at the end of the semester if you will not be teaching that course during the following semester. We would like to keep our “Textbook Library” cabinet stocked, when possible, for Instructors to have access to their current semester course textbook.


  • Returning unused and extra textbook copies will help alleviate the wait time to receive new desk copies from the publishers especially during this busy season.
  • A reduction in requesting free desk copies may help minimize the increasing textbook prices for our students in the long run.
  • It is helpful to have textbooks available when urgent circumstances arise (ex. Instances when students and/or Instructors must borrow a textbook until the book becomes available at the bookstore or online).

Supplies such as pens, pencils, notepads, highlighters, file folders, chalk, overhead pens, etc., are available in the front office.


Duplication requests of course materials are to be submitted to the front office staff. Directions are as follows:

  • Complete and attach a work request form to your duplication request. Place in the yellow "To Be Copied" folder on the top shelf of the file cabinet located in the front office.
  • Be sure your directions are explicit; e.g., if the "collate" or "staple" blanks are not checked, the work will not be collated or stapled.
  • A MINIMUM OF 2 FULL WORKING DAYS IS NECESSARY TO COMPLETE THE WORK. Last minute requests will be accommodated if and when possible. It is best to err on the side of more notice due to the variant work environment of the front office. More notice will be needed during peak times such as the beginning of the semester and mid-term / finals weeks.

NOTE: NO duplication, at the department expense, is to be done at Copy Centers or on copy machines elsewhere on campus.

Audio/Visual Aids

Overhead projectors are provided for every classroom. In addition, our office maintains computers for your use. For further help with your audio visual needs, check with the Department of Mathematical Science's front office.


Mailboxes have been assigned in the Department front office mailroom location. It is each Instructor's responsibility to check at least once each week in-person for messages and mail. Please do not call the office staff to check your mailbox for you.


All Instructors should maintain an IUPUI email account. Instructions for setting up an IUPUI email account can be found on UITS's Account Management web page.

All email communication with students should be made via your IUPUI email account by all Instructors. It is each Instructor's responsibility to check these accounts daily.

See IUPUI's official email policies for further information: