Prerequisites and Equivalencies for Lower Level Mathematics Courses

Since Fall 1999, the Department of Mathematical Sciences, together with the Registrar's Office, has implemented a system for prerequisite checks on all students registering for first and second year math courses. The purpose of this system is to help insure correct student placement. According to this system, a student registering for any of the mathematics courses from Math 11000 through Math 23200, must satisfy either of the following conditions:

  • Successfully completed the prerequisite course within the past two academic years with a minimal grade as indicated on the Math Notices table, or
  • Directly placed in the course based on the results of the ALEKS Mathematics Placement Test taken within the past academic year.

Math Placement Test Score Interpretation

Explains how to interpret the ALEKS Math Placement Test to arrive at the recommended math course placement.

Math Course Flowchart

A flowchart showing math course prerequisites and various tracks by major for the introductory math curriculum.

Math Notice

Outlines the minimal grade required in a prerequisite math course in order to move on to the next course.