Course Coordinators (report directly to Associate Chair)

The course coordinating teams for introductory level courses are as follows:
** - Math 11000 and 11100 are part of the Developmental Mathematics Program

MATH 11000**

Intermediate Algebra for Liberal Arts, Education & Business Majors - Clay Hicks

MATH 11100**

Intermediate Algebra for Science & Engineering Majors - Patrick Frey


Finite Mathematics - Chris Dona


Brief Survey of Calculus - Joan Rainey

MATH 13000, 13100, 13200, & 13600

Math for Elementary School Teachers I & II - Bruce Boling

MATH 15300, 15400, 15900

College Algebra & Trigonometry, Precalculus - Sharon Rangazas

MATH 16500 & 16600

Integrated Calculus and Analytical Geometry I & II - Zhongmin Shen

MATH 17100

Multidimensional Math - Bruce Kitchens

MATH 22100 & 22200

Calculus for Technology I & II - Elizabeth Its

MATH 23100 & 23200

Calculus for Life Sciences I & II - Leonid Rubchinsky

MATH 26100

Multivariate Calculus - Patrick Morton

MATH 26600

Ordinary Differential Equations - Alexey Kuznetsov

STAT 30100

Elementary Statistical Methods I - Meghan Tooman

STAT 35000

Introduction to Statistics - Honglang Wang

The Responsibilities of the Course Coordinating Teams:

  • Oversee the curriculum. This includes preparing a syllabus and chairing an ad hoc committee when necessary to make decisions about course content or to select a textbook. Work with coordinators of prerequisite courses or courses for which your course is a prerequisite to ensure continuity.
  • Oversee the development and dissemination of software for the course, if appropriate.
  • Prepare common examinations for the course, when applicable.
  • Keep assessment records of the D/F/W rates in the various sections.
  • Review course evaluations given to all sections every semester.