Undergraduate students

1) Complete the online graduation application & survey

  • May Graduation Application deadline: October 15
  • August Graduation Application deadline: January 15
  • December Graduation Application deadline: May 15

Undergraduate graduation audit
School of Science undergraduate students who have submitted the online graduation application for graduation will have a graduation audit prepared approximately 6 weeks before the start of their final semester/summer session.

    • Graduation audits are only prepared for students after they have registered for their final semester.
    • The School of Science Dean’s Office and the student’s major department will review the graduation audit. Both departments will determine if a student is recommended for graduation.
    • An e-mail will be sent to a student’s IUPUI e-mail account regarding the graduation recommendation. Students who are not recommended for graduation will be provided with the list of remaining requirements that need to be completed before recommendation will be considered.
    • Any student whose remaining requirements are not completed in a timely manner will be removed from the graduation list.

Undergraduates who are finishing up research, an incomplete or last semester is at another institution
Undergraduate enrollment in CAND 99100 is only required for students who are not registered for any other course in the semester of graduation. This would include students completing course work, with prior approval, at another university, or students finishing an incomplete or research, for example. If enrolled in minimally one course in the final semester, then enrollment in CAND 99100 is not required. For questions, contact Darryl Newsom.

2) Review commencement details