Graduate Student Organizations

SIAM Student Chapter at IUPUI

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is a national organization dedicated to promoting interest in applied mathematics and providing a community for mathematicians from various fields. The study of applied mathematics and computational methods are necessary and essential tools to confront and solve many real-world problems. Through its publications, research, and community, SIAM strives to promote unity and build cooperation between mathematicians and the various worlds of science and technology for the purpose of generating progress on these frontiers.

School of Science Graduate Student Council

The School of Science Graduate Student Council seeks to address the needs and concerns of graduate and professional students in the School of Science. 

IUPUI Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

The GSO is the official voice of 8,000+ graduate and professional students on the IUPUI campus. 

More Graduate Student Organizations

There are several graduate student organizations at IUPUI. These organizations help to bring a sense of graduate community to the campus and provide feedback to administrators about policies and issues affecting graduate students. Under filters select "categories" followed by "Graduate and Professional Students" for a list of graduate student organizations along with their description.