M.S. in Mathematics: Mathematics Education

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This program is designed for the mathematics teaching professional who would like to strengthen or enhance his/her mathematics background while completing a graduate degree. The curriculum is structured around the Indiana Professional Standards Board’s competencies for high school mathematics teachers. The program aims to provide students with broad experiences in the range of applications of mathematics, and help students extend and formalize their thinking and reasoning skills. Most courses are offered in the late afternoon or evening or during the summer to accommodate students who are engaged in professional development while maintaining full-time careers.

Math Education Course Requirements

For students in this program, the plan of study must include:

Six core courses: Intermediate Abstract Algebra, Analysis for Teachers I, Advanced Geometry, Advanced Discrete Mathematics, Basic Probability and Applications, Statistical Inference

Two math electives chosen from the following list: Introduction to Complex Analysis, Applied Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers, Projective Geometry, Introduction to Logic for Teachers, History of Elementary Mathematics

The remaining two courses are electives and should be chosen with the approval of the student's advisor.

General Requirements and Policies

The Graduate Student Handbook contains the details of the program requirements, policies, and procedures.

Additional Information

For further information, contact Prof. Jeffrey Watt at 317-274-4070 or jwatt@math.iupui.edu.