Master of Science: Mathematics

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Earning a master's degree in mathematics will qualify a student for a broad range of highly paid positions in industry, business, government, and education. Banks, insurance companies, oil companies and companies in the computer and communication industries employ many mathematicians, as do almost every bureau and branch of the federal government. IUPUI's graduate program in mathematics features an active academic community with prominent researchers in several areas of mathematics and statistics, and a low student/faculty ratio.

Program Options

The program leads to a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Purdue University. Students may specialize in the following options:

Program Requirements

The M.S. degree requires two years of graduate study by full-time students and up to four years by part-time students. A minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework (that is, at least 10 courses) is required for the degree.

Students not seeking a degree, but desiring to take graduate courses in statistics for personal/professional development, may receive approval to take courses in this program under graduate non-degree student classification.

The Graduate Student Handbook contains the details of the program requirements, policies, and procedures.