Normal Homogeneneous Finsler Space and the Positive Flag Curvature Problem

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 - 10:30am - 11:30am
Ming Xu, Tinjin Normal University
LD 265

In this talk I will start with Finslerian submersion and use it  to  define normal homogeneous Finsler space. I will show two important  properties of normal  homogeneous Finsler spaces, i.e. the identical  vanishing of S-curvature and non-negativity of flag curvature. In the main  part of the talk. I will discuss the classificiation of normal homogeneous  Finsler spaces of positively curved flag curvature, how  to use submersion  technique to reduce it to algebraic problem, the main theme for the  classification, what is its relation to Berger's classification in 1961,  and  what are the new non-Riemannian positively curved normal homogeneous  examples (ONLY new for its metric).