Elementary Statistical Methods I

STAT 30100


MATH 11000 or 11100 taken within last 3 terms with a grade of C- or better or an ALEKs placement score of 58 or greater taken within last 12 months. Note: ALEKs placement test scores will be compared against SAT/ACT Math scores. Additional testing may be required.


Introduction to statistical methods with applications to diverse fields. Emphasis on understanding and interpreting standard techniques. Data analysis for one and several variables, design of samples and experiments, basic probability, sampling distributions, confidence intervals and significance tests for means and proportions, and correlation and regression. Software is used throughout.

Statistics can be defined as the science of reasoning or drawing conclusions from data. Its purpose is to aid people in making decisions on the basis of numerical information. Most people encounter statistical reasoning in everyday life. The purpose of this course is to give you a working knowledge of the ideas and tools of statistical practice. The topics in the course can be divided into three main parts. Data analysis involves methods for exploring, organizing, and describing data. The ideas of data production provide methods for producing useful data. Statistical inference involves drawing broader conclusions from the data, while taking into account that variation makes those conclusions uncertain.


Course Coordinator
Meghan Tooman mtooman@iupui.edu

Students have access to the online version of the textbook through Pearson MyLabsPlus included in their fees when they register for the course. If a student wishes to purchase a hardcopy of the textbook, they need "A First Course in Statistics" by McClave and Sincich Twelfth Edition. ISBN: 0134080629.

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Not open to students in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.