Meet the School of Science Alumni Association

Your time at IUPUI may have been some of the most memorable and formative years of your life but they don’t have to be over. The School of Science Alumni Association can keep you connected with the School and other alumni.

The School of Science Alumni Association's Board of Directors meets quarterly to discuss student and alumni programming including Science on Tap, the IUPUI Regatta, undergraduate student scholarships and the Distinguished Alumni Award.

As the School of Science Alumni Association Board President, Colin Terry (M.S. math, 2002) hopes to help alums develop professionally, academically and socially through IUPUI’s network of more than 176,000 alumni. He encourages alumni to take advantage of the resources available through IUPUI, from free professional advising with PREPs to staying up to date on School news through the eCatalyst alumni newsletter.

The Board is actively working to add to and grow alumni programming, and encourages alumni to get involved by attending board meetings, serving on prospective student panels or volunteering as an undergraduate student mentor.

“It is a fantastic experience being able to give back to a school that has given so much to its students,” said new Alumni Association board member Sarah Fortney (B.S. chemistry, 2015). “Whether it’s talking to fellow alums at Science on Tap or volunteering on an alumni panel to get prospective students excited about science, I love staying connected with the School!”

Connect with us & get involved

The IUPUI School of Science Alumni Association would like to welcome its new members:

Dillon Etter, MPH
2012 biology alumnus
Project coordinator, IU School of Medicine

Sarah Fortney
2015 chemistry alumna
Research Assistant, IUPUI Department of Psychology

Ryan Widau, Ph.D.
2005 chemistry alumnus
Consultant at Eli Lilly and Company