Advancing Scientific Minds

Momentum programs at the School of Science are dedicated to advancing scientific minds.


Children are born scientists; naturally curious, they want to understand why and how things work. With the right education and nurturing, their quest for answers will mature along with them — from wanting to know how a computer works to pursuing a bachelor’s in biocomputing.

Programs for K-12 Students

We go beyond the classroom, helping students understand science through real-life problem solving scenarios and inquiry-based instruction. Our science outreach programs give students a robust learning experience, broaden their understanding of science, and encourage young scientists to keep asking questions. 

Programs for K-12 Teachers

Science outreach programs at IUPUI provide support for K-12 teachers interested in expanding their classroom resource base in the sciences. These initiatives enhance teachers’ professional development, helping them become subject matter experts and improve their materials and methods.

Programs for Future Teachers

For teachers in training, the School of Science and IUPUI provide valuable experience in urban classrooms.