Vision, Mission & Values


The vision of the Department of Mathematical Sciences is to maintain and enhance excellence in mathematical and statistical research through national and international collaboration and participation, and to serve the people of Indiana and beyond by providing the highest quality undergraduate and graduate education in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematics education and statistics.


The Department of Mathematical Sciences engages in the discovery and dissemination of mathematical knowledge at all levels—professional, graduate, and undergraduate. The Department conducts fundamental research in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics. Publications in peer-reviewed journals and participation in conferences, colloquia and seminars are the hallmarks of the Department’s scientific activities. The Department ensures student success through classical as well as innovative classroom techniques, engaging learning opportunities, one-on-one guidance, and a variety of supportive programs such as tutoring and peer mentoring. The Department also provides significant research collaboration and statistical consultation to academic, government, and industrial units throughout the community.


Creative research, outstanding teaching, and the steadfast pursuit of academic and professional excellence will bring our vision to fruition and will earn us local and global recognition as a leading department of mathematical sciences.