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Equations on a chalk board

Department of Mathematical Sciences


You’ll be at the center of it all: near countless science, technology, engineering, and insurance companies and the Indiana University Schools of Medicine and Dentistry. Through internships and undergrad research, you’ll have opportunities to collaborate across disciplines, across campus and with industry.

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Did you know?

Actuarial science is ranked as the No. 1 best job in the U.S.

Science grads earn $15,500 more on average than non-science grads and there's 3x more growth in STEM than any other field nationwide.

“I think a lot of these kids need good mentors, people who can help them overcome their fears and really look at a way to help them relate math to their everyday life."

Caris Daily Mathematics, Undergraduate

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The Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC) offers tutoring and peer mentoring and is the largest student employer on campus, employing over 70 students who handle 1,000 visitors each week.

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